Why Sell To Us

We Buy Houses in Indianapolis—No Commission, No Fees

Selling a house is a time-consuming ordeal, marked by all-too-frequent visits by prospective buyers, most of who take up your time and energy, never to return.

Some think it’s out of their budget, while others have a problem with the location—and don’t forget about the ones who feel that the place lacks that “X-factor” that would otherwise help them seal the deal.

In an effort to sell your house fast, you might consider hiring a real estate agent to ease the process—only to change your mind at the length of time it generally takes, coupled with the high commission rate!

Fortunately, however, within the real estate market lies another, more practical, solution to your problem which won’t cost you time or money!

Blue Circus Investors is a group of real estate investors based in Indianapolis.

We buy houses of all kinds, in all conditions, for a fair price, through our cash for home process for people like you!

Within our network, we have served countless individuals such as yourself, seeking a quick and safe route to selling their house at a fair price within a matter of days!

Why throw yourself into the pit of unnecessary delays, real estate commissions, bank fees and repairs when you can get a fast and effective transaction with upfront payment in cash?

Remember we know how to find a resolution to your situation – divorce, foreclosure, job loss, bankruptcy, inherited homes, no problem! Our no pressure process is quick and easy, we work with you to find solutions based on your needs, no cookie cutters here.

For more information, call us at +1 317-316-3131 and sell your house today!